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Without hesitation, our Indian-style restaurant meets your needs. Our cuisine and service will leave you completely satisfied in every way. Our chefs will fulfill your desire to feast on outstanding cuisine products. Yes, our chefs are attentive to your needs and expectations when it comes to preparing high-quality meals. Our chefs are well-versed, intelligent, and top-notch, and they have been carefully educated to match your cuisine demands. Tandoori and chicken meals are among our hallmark dishes. To meet your needs, we also provide Chicken Shashlik Main, Tandoori Chicken Main, Tandoori Fish Main, Tandoori King Prawn Main, and Lamb Tikka Main.

Items such as Achari Katha Masala, Butter Chicken, Chicken Chilli Masala, Chicken Jalfrezi, and Chicken Tikka Masala satisfy your cravings completely. You can dine in our restaurant with high hopes and desires. Yes, you may leave with a big smile on your face since our distinct taste makes you happy. In addition to chicken meals, our restaurant serves fish specialties such as Bhuna Tandoori Fish, Jalfrezi Tandoori Fish, Vegetable Tandoori Fish, and duck dishes. We study our clients' feedback on a regular basis to determine their expectations. If necessary, we revise our food list.

Our restaurant's traditional curries, biryani meals, and keema dishes are tailored to your specific needs. You can come to our restaurant with your trusted sources to try new cuisine. Vegetable sides like Mattar Aloo, Palak Aloo, Bhindi Bhaji, and Mixed Vegetable Bhaji spice up your meal. Other dishes supplied at our restaurant to meet your expectations include rice, sundries, and salads. We welcome your suggestions both online and offline. Your support is always appreciated, therefore we produce cuisine with the highest care and delight. Many of the foods on our menu have achieved international acclaim. As a result, we will continue to provide those things, as well as new ones, to suit your demand.

About Saffron Glasgow

Our Saffron restaurant is a world-class culinary destination for your palate and appetite. Yes, we consider your true requirements and preferences to the maximum degree feasible. As a result, we urge chefs to produce cuisine depending on their specifications. So far, we have been running the restaurant effectively with the help of our customers. Our customer base is increasing each day due to our existing customers' word of mouth. You can feel free to visit our website, namely Your online orders are accepted.

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We are located at 178 Archerhill Road, Knightswood, Glasgow G13 3JG. You are always welcome to provide tips and ideas via internet sources such as applications. Our apps are accessible for free on the Google Play and App Store platforms. You may use these applications to add your inputs and contact us. Our top restaurant in town exceeds your highest expectations. On important occasions, we additionally provide you with discounts and deals. You are invited to join us for an exceptional feast with your family and friends. Kids' meals will satisfy your children to the core.